There is an increased awareness about cell phone radiation and their harmful effects on humans. The radiation not only affects the humans but also affects nature. It causes damage to people, who are continuously using the mobile phones. Regarding this issue, several investigations and experiments have been conducted. Some of the fresh analysis is connected with behavioural problems, brain cancer, salivary gland tumours, migraines, and vertigo.

One of the shocking information is top mobile phone manufacturer’s phones are said to emit maximum radiation. It is necessary to choose phones that discharge limited amount of radiation. If you are using a mobile phone that passes maximum radiation, then it can result in serious health problems. Nowadays, it is hard to avoid cell phones in our daily life. We use the mobile phone for shopping, banking, gaming and booking tickets apart from communicating and chatting with friends and family. The experts share various methods to protect oneself from the cell phone radiation. Here sharing some suggestions,

  • Send text messages instead of calling and talking to the person. When you send a text message, the phone will less power and emits less radiation.
  • Do not talk when the signal is weak on your mobile phone. There are chances for the phone to emit higher power in order to hold the signal.
  • It is best to listen more and talk less when you are using the cell phone. The researchers have found that talking emits more radiation than listening.
  • If you are finding it hard to live without a mobile phone, then try to make a habit to reduce the usage of your mobile phone.