We are living a comfortable and royal life than we used to remain some ten or twenty years before. It is because of the technology advancement. With the help of mobile phones, you just get up in the morning, click the application and read the news in seconds. There is no need to depend on the newspaper or switch on the television after the advent of the cell phone technology.

If you want to talk and spend time with your friends, then you can instantly video chat or voice chat with the push of a button. This way, you can talk with your relatives, old friends and far away friends in a cost-friendly manner. Though the mobile phone has a lot of benefits, it has some drawbacks too. It is easy to live life safe by tackling these drawbacks in a clever manner.

The electromagnetic radiation passes in the mobile phone, and it surrounds the users every moment they use or hold the mobile phone. Most people are not aware of the electromagnetic radiation and hold the cell phone safe in their hands even though they are not using the device. One of the recent researches has proved the mobile radiation is carcinogenic, and it has chances to cause cancer. Apart from these, several studies have showed the harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation. The scientists have proved that it can result in glioma that is the major cause of brain cancer.

Moreover, benign acoustic neuromas are linked to mobile phone radiation. It is a kind of tumour caused due to over mobile usage. Some tests cannot be proved while most are proved, and it depends on the people’s lifestyle. Mobile phones are one of the important gadgets in the present scenario. It is hard to imagine a life without the mobile phone. If you are very much conscious about your health and safety issues, then you need to think about using them in a limited and safe manner.