Smartphones are one of the best inventions in the world, aside from computers. These mobile devices are popularly used around the world and they have become part of the daily lives of people. There are several ways on how these smartphones have made life easier for many people. Here are some of them.

1. Capture Photos and Videos Anytime

There’s no need for you to buy or bring a digital camera as you have phone integrated with your smartphone. The new models today have high megapixels that gives excellent quality images and videos that you can save as memories to last a lifetime, share with your friends, or use for other purposes.

2. Quick Access to Information

Students, employees, and all other users can benefit from this as almost everything can be found online. As long as you are connected to the Internet, you can search any information that you need online. Everything is right under your fingertips. There’s no need to browse on several thick books or look for other inconvenient ways to find what you are looking for as you can do it with your smartphone.

3. Guide to Navigation

Smartphones have maps and GPS features that can help you navigate your way to your destination. You don’t need to bring a paper map with you as you can get the direction using your smartphone. This is more convenient and always accessible.

4. More Convenient Shopping

Shopping has also been made easier. You don’t have to spend time going to malls or stores to find what you need as you can shop online through your smartphone. Almost everything is available online, from foods to clothing. For instance, if you wish to have a customised shirt done, you can easily find providers that offer the best t-shirt printing on the Internet. Place your order and it will be delivered to you.

5. Easier Communication

Communication is also easier and cheaper. As long as you have Internet connection, you can use messaging applications to call and send messages to your contacts even if you have no minutes in your account.

Smartphones are continuously being developed. More exciting features are about to be expected in the coming years.

The Most Amazing New Uses of Mobile PhonesWhen mobile phones were introduced in the 80s, the world celebrated as calls could be done wirelessly. The clunky so-called “cellular phones” were as large as an adult man’s shoe, not including the antenna. Today, mobile phones have shrunk considerably in size; yet their functions have increased enormously. In a 2014 article published by the Daily Mail, ‘making calls’ is no longer the top function of a mobile phone. This was based from a survey done by taxi app Hailo where 2,000 respondents were involved.

The top 10 functions of a mobile phone today are ranked as follows:

  1. Sending text messages
  2. Reading text messages
  3. Reading emails
  4. Surfing the Internet
  5. Setting an alarm clock
  6. Making calls
  7. Sending emails
  8. Checking the time
  9. Using the calculator
  10. Checking Facebook

Making calls landed in the 6th spot adding that respondents could actually live without a call function in a mobile phone. As such, mobile phones are now called smartphones, an evolutionary name that tags the device as a multitasking handheld machine. The applications or apps being downloaded directly allow users to engage the mobile phone in many different ways. A typical smartphone can now allow users to surf the Internet, play games, listen to music, watch videos, compose emails, read messages and so much more.

According to a 2015 report from Ericsson, there are 2.6 billion smartphone subscriptions globally and the number is expected to triple by 2020. Alongside this is the continuing evolution of the device. More people are attracted to smartphones as they offer more ways of engaging users. This shift in technological capability is expressed in emerging mobile trends like the ones featured below.

1. Hosting Augmented and Virtual Reality Games.

It wasn’t until this year when virtual reality and augmented finally landed a sure spot in the tech world. From the Oculus Rift to the various VR headsets launched by big tech companies like Samsung and Sony, mobile phones are now being used as screens in projecting three-dimensional worlds. And who would forget the craze that is Pokemon G? The augmented reality game that took the world by storm is made possible through the use of a mobile phone as well.

2. Connecting Smart Home Devices.

Aside from the exciting world of gaming, smartphones have also become the linking device between homeowners and smart home devices. The emergence of the Internet of Things has spawned the idea of the so-called smart home. It comprises digital devices that could connect and communicate to each other via the Internet in order to automate its own functions. A light bulb can switch off on its own while a thermostat can adjust the room temperature automatically. The mobile phone serves as the remote for these devices.

3. Controlling Drones.

Mobile phones are also being used now for controlling certain quadcopter drone models as well. These flying and ground machines have initially been used by the United States military during the war in the Middle East. Soon after that, they found their way to the consumer market making it a popular device for recreation and media. A nifty addition to these drones is that they can be controlled with a smartphone instead of a typical joystick we usually see in remote-controlled devices.

It’s amazing to see how far the mobile phone has gone. From being merely a bulky device that could make calls, it can now do so much more – and it fits perfectly in your shirt pocket.

What Happens When You Microwave Your Mobile PhoneWhat happens when you microwave your mobile phone? You might laugh when you read this question, but the truth is, people have done it in the past. The more important thing that you need to know is what really happens if you find yourself in this situation for one reason or another?

Don't Try This at Home!

First and foremost, it is important to point out that you should never actually do this because if you microwave your mobile phone, you're probably not going to have one anymore. Microwaves are designed to heat food up at an extremely rapid rate. If you think about how long it takes to cook something in the oven versus the amount of cook time required in the microwave, it becomes easier to understand just exactly what type of power you are dealing with when you put something in the microwave. In addition to heating things up rapidly, the microwaves themselves can be dangerous to a mobile phone.

If you manage to do this, part of the might melt but more importantly, the circuit board that controls the phone can easily be destroyed in a matter of seconds to minutes. This means that even if the phone manages to look largely unscathed on the outside, it probably isn't going to work anymore. You run the risk of destroying the phone's ability to send or receive calls or do practically anything else. You even run the risk of ensuring that the phone doesn't even come on. In a worst-case scenario, there is a risk that you could destroy the mobile phone and the microwave simultaneously or that you could start a fire. It is definitely not something that you want to do and it is something that you should avoid at all costs. It simply isn't worth it, especially if the only reason you are putting your mobile phone in the microwave is to find out what will happen when you turn it on.

You might be getting yourself into a situation that you wish you had never had anything to do with and in the end, you will be shopping around for the best compact microwave because your old one blew up in this experiment.

fitness-appEven before the advent of technologies, people were fitness freak and health conscious and with new technological advancement, internet and smart phone revolution, this freaking consciousness is on an all-time rise.

With our internet and smart phone dependency and an increasing spree combined with our addiction, affinity and craze about smart phone mobile apps, our daily fitness regime is also getting connected more and more with these mobile apps.

Taking a clue from the current trend and scenario, the apps development guys nowadays are focusing more and more on fitness related android and IOS based mobile apps which are usually designed in such a way so that it helps is scheduling and planning one’s fitness regime. Whether it's hiking or hitting the rowing machines in the gym, these apps have a purpose.

In this article, let us discuss some of the popular mobile phone fitness apps and how it helps you in improving your overall fitness level.

So, let’s get started!

  1. Sportaneous: It is a fitness mobile phone apps.

What it is: It is a free fitness mobile app available exclusively for the iPhone users.

How it helps: First of all, it helps you to track your exercising. It offers tracking and suggesting you a perfect routine for yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, other forms of exercises based on your vitals and requirement info as entered by you on the app. The app is also compatible for group use so that you can sign up with others and sweat together by connecting with each other through the app.

  1. Gain Fitness: This is a unique as well as a cool mobile phone fitness app. It is also free to install and exclusively available for those iPhone users who are in desperate need of a fitness trainer but are unable to hire and afford one.

How it helps: You need to install and sign up with this app in the first on your mobile phone and then you are required to enter all your vitals , requirements, preferences and fitness goals into the app based on which the app suggests you a customized fitness plan.

The fitness program is suggested on the basis of resources available on the web matching to your criteria and requirements.

The app also helps you to track your workout plan and your improvements through a workout calendar and tracking option.

The app also keeps you entertained during your workouts by showing various fitness videos and through an interactive human voice assistance.

This mobile phone app is specifically designed to improve one’s overall fitness in the most affordable way available and with literally a fitness trainer in your pocket!

  1. Fitness Builder: Fitness builder is one of the most popular fitness app trending on mobile phone these days. This particular app is available to both android smart phone users and to the IOS (iPhone) users.

The fitness builder app is free to install and is free to use for the first month but requires a monthly subscription amount of $1.99 per month to continue using the app.

This app stresses on improving one’s overall health and fitness condition by calculating your BMI, tracking your weight, height, heartbeat, etc. Fitness builder also helps you to chart out your workout regime and you can also track your fitness progress through this app.

In fact, you can post your fitness improvements and progresses with the help of this app on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Daily Burn: Daily burn is another popular mobile phone fitness app available for use by both IOS (iPhone) and Android users. It offers a $10 monthly subscription for the users with an access to over 2000 popular and relevant complete fitness videos along with access to an expert and experienced panel/group of fitness trainers and advisors to guide you through the whole fitness plan.

This is an exceptionally cool fitness app that will definitely help you in improving your overall health and fitness quotient.

  1. Nike Training Club: Available for free to both the users of android smart phones and IOS based iPhone users.

Based on you fitness goals and preferences and levels, the app suggests you various type and forms of exercises and also helps you in tracking your progression and improvements through your fitness regime this helping to enhance as well as improve your overall fitness.

sleep as androidAs mobile technology expands beyond the smartphone, the market has been flooded with mobile apps that promise to monitor your REM and help you get the best sleep of your life. Keep reading for an overview of some apps to improve sleep and the cool tech that drives them.

You Track My Sleep . . . How?

The sensors within personal technology such as FitBits iWatches and some mobile phones have advanced to the point where they can record your sleep patterns such as snoring, periods of uneasy rest, talking in your sleep and motion monitoring. While this all sounds a little scary and big brother-ish, the devices truly can help you understand your sleep patterns. They can even gently nudge you in the direction of more restful slumber by non-intrusive methods such as a gentle vibration from a FitBit or soothing sound changes to help you move from a deep sleep through to wakefulness with a minimum of stress.

Why Do I Care about My Sleep Cycles?

Sleep cycles are important, helping us get ready for a productive day. Some apps such as Sleepbot let you “clock in” and “clock out” to start and stop tracking sleep activity, and even lets you add notes to the log so you can see how your daytime habits support (or detract from!) healthy sleep patterns. writer Adam Dachis tested four different apps to improve sleep and reported his results in a detailed blog post here. While apps and technology currently on the market can’t replace a qualified sleep study by medical professionals, they may help you pinpoint specific challenges that you can then share with your provider.

This Sounds Complicated

While there are some standalone devices such as the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach ($190) and the Wakemate ($60), most apps and devices mesh with technology you currently own and are comfortable with—your mobile phone or tablet—and offer either wireless or USB charging and sync. Keeping the learning curve at a minimum allows you to start gaining benefits from the feedback and charts almost immediately. You may find that what is actually influencing your sleep can be distilled down to a few simple factors: environment, light, time and activity. Tagging your sleep the next day by whether you were stressed or having a good day, whether you ate healthy meals and exercised or if you decided to take a day off from all things that are good for you can help you reinforce positive habits all day long.

How Should I Get Started?

The best way to start down the path towards healthy sleep is to start small: download a free or low-cost mobile app to your device of choice and test it. See if you can go for a week with your phone under your pillow, making tiny alterations to your sleep environment such as changing the temperature in your bedroom or using two pillows instead of one. Invest in a good mattress, the best ones can offer a seriously comfortable night's sleep but read reviews before buying. Instead of eating a snack right before bedtime, try having your snack an hour or two hours before bedtime instead. Close the curtains more tightly, or turn off that annoying blinking light from the VCR or cover up the light coming from your clock. You might be surprised the difference small changes can make to the quality of your sleep.


There is an increased awareness about cell phone radiation and their harmful effects on humans. The radiation not only affects the humans but also affects nature. It causes damage to people, who are continuously using the mobile phones. Regarding this issue, several investigations and experiments have been conducted. Some of the fresh analysis is connected with behavioural problems, brain cancer, salivary gland tumours, migraines, and vertigo.

One of the shocking information is top mobile phone manufacturer’s phones are said to emit maximum radiation. It is necessary to choose phones that discharge limited amount of radiation. If you are using a mobile phone that passes maximum radiation, then it can result in serious health problems. Nowadays, it is hard to avoid cell phones in our daily life. We use the mobile phone for shopping, banking, gaming and booking tickets apart from communicating and chatting with friends and family. The experts share various methods to protect oneself from the cell phone radiation. Here sharing some suggestions,

  • Send text messages instead of calling and talking to the person. When you send a text message, the phone will less power and emits less radiation.
  • Do not talk when the signal is weak on your mobile phone. There are chances for the phone to emit higher power in order to hold the signal.
  • It is best to listen more and talk less when you are using the cell phone. The researchers have found that talking emits more radiation than listening.
  • If you are finding it hard to live without a mobile phone, then try to make a habit to reduce the usage of your mobile phone.