General Rules for Mobile Safety


Mobile safety: Kids have started to use the phones easily because of their parents. They get influenced by their parents and use the phone more frequently. It is important to advice them to be careful when they chat or talk with strangers. There are a lot of chat rooms and chat applications found on the smart phones. They should not share their private or personal information and talk about sex topics with the strangers. You have to teach them that phones are meant only for communication with known people. Apart from teaching, it is your responsibility to behave in the same manner. You have to set an example for your kids. If you play and ask your kid not to play or use chat applications, then they would get more spoilt because of your activities.


Bullying by phone: Nowadays, young people spend most of their time on social networking sites, shopping sites and other applications. You have to sit and discuss with your kids about cyber bullying, internet fake activities, and harassment. All these have even reached the mobile users. You have to tell them how to use the web, security options and mobile phone for a better safety in their real life. Teach them the difference between real world and virtual world. They should not be an addiction for the virtual world.

Mobile social networking: When your kids are using social apps, ensure to check their privacy settings. They can use it from any part of the world, but they have to be cautious as to whom they are sharing information.

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