How mobile phone apps can help you improve your fitness

fitness-appEven before the advent of technologies, people were fitness freak and health conscious and with new technological advancement, internet and smart phone revolution, this freaking consciousness is on an all-time rise.

With our internet and smart phone dependency and an increasing spree combined with our addiction, affinity and craze about smart phone mobile apps, our daily fitness regime is also getting connected more and more with these mobile apps.

Taking a clue from the current trend and scenario, the apps development guys nowadays are focusing more and more on fitness related android and IOS based mobile apps which are usually designed in such a way so that it helps is scheduling and planning one’s fitness regime. Whether it's hiking or hitting the rowing machines in the gym, these apps have a purpose.

In this article, let us discuss some of the popular mobile phone fitness apps and how it helps you in improving your overall fitness level.

So, let’s get started!

  1. Sportaneous: It is a fitness mobile phone apps.

What it is: It is a free fitness mobile app available exclusively for the iPhone users.

How it helps: First of all, it helps you to track your exercising. It offers tracking and suggesting you a perfect routine for yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, other forms of exercises based on your vitals and requirement info as entered by you on the app. The app is also compatible for group use so that you can sign up with others and sweat together by connecting with each other through the app.

  1. Gain Fitness: This is a unique as well as a cool mobile phone fitness app. It is also free to install and exclusively available for those iPhone users who are in desperate need of a fitness trainer but are unable to hire and afford one.

How it helps: You need to install and sign up with this app in the first on your mobile phone and then you are required to enter all your vitals , requirements, preferences and fitness goals into the app based on which the app suggests you a customized fitness plan.

The fitness program is suggested on the basis of resources available on the web matching to your criteria and requirements.

The app also helps you to track your workout plan and your improvements through a workout calendar and tracking option.

The app also keeps you entertained during your workouts by showing various fitness videos and through an interactive human voice assistance.

This mobile phone app is specifically designed to improve one’s overall fitness in the most affordable way available and with literally a fitness trainer in your pocket!

  1. Fitness Builder: Fitness builder is one of the most popular fitness app trending on mobile phone these days. This particular app is available to both android smart phone users and to the IOS (iPhone) users.

The fitness builder app is free to install and is free to use for the first month but requires a monthly subscription amount of $1.99 per month to continue using the app.

This app stresses on improving one’s overall health and fitness condition by calculating your BMI, tracking your weight, height, heartbeat, etc. Fitness builder also helps you to chart out your workout regime and you can also track your fitness progress through this app.

In fact, you can post your fitness improvements and progresses with the help of this app on popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Daily Burn: Daily burn is another popular mobile phone fitness app available for use by both IOS (iPhone) and Android users. It offers a $10 monthly subscription for the users with an access to over 2000 popular and relevant complete fitness videos along with access to an expert and experienced panel/group of fitness trainers and advisors to guide you through the whole fitness plan.

This is an exceptionally cool fitness app that will definitely help you in improving your overall health and fitness quotient.

  1. Nike Training Club: Available for free to both the users of android smart phones and IOS based iPhone users.

Based on you fitness goals and preferences and levels, the app suggests you various type and forms of exercises and also helps you in tracking your progression and improvements through your fitness regime this helping to enhance as well as improve your overall fitness.

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