How to Use the Cell Phone in a Safe Manner?

safe manner

Hold the phone in distance from your body: When you talk by placing even from a small distance, the head and body will start to absorb less radiation. Do not clip the phone to your belt or place in your chest pocket. It has to be placed at least in a small distance even when you talk using the headphones.

Storage of cell phone: The cell phone should not be kept under the pillow or inside the pocket. Though you are using or not using your mobile phone, the phone will continue to send intermittent signals. It will try to connect to the closest cell phone towers both while using and not in use. It means the radiation exposure is taking place automatically. It is your responsibility to use and place the cell phone in a safe manner.


Battery charging: Do not talk on the cell phone when you are charging the battery. It is very dangerous since your phone will be connected to electricity. There are chances for fire or electrical accidents. It is best to recharge the phone and then use as you wish.

Talk less and text more: When you send text messages, the phone will emit less radiation. It is best to send text messages instead of starting a voice communication. Moreover, it will help you to focus on your work better and faster. Some people spend most of their time by talking on their cell phone. At the end of the day, they would regret they have missed doing their daily tasks. When you end a conversation in simple text messages, you can concentrate on your work as well as live a safe life.

Make calls when the cell phone signal is strong: It happens mostly while you are travelling. The cell phone signal will be weak, and you would try to call in spite the signal is low.

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