Tips for Mobile Phone Safety


Do you have kids at home? Do you use mobile phones more frequently? If yes, then do you know the hazards you are being exposed to? Please read the blog to know how to safeguard yourself while using mobile phones.

If you get text messages from an unknown person, do not instantly reply them. Do not continue the conversation with unknown people on your mobile phone. Do not reply if you get nasty messages from an unknown member. Do not give your personal mobile number to any person. It is best to give your number to only trusted people. If you get a message asking to share your personal detail, photos or bank details, then do not answer the message.

When you are at home, keep your phone away from your child’s reach. It is best to lock your phone when you are not using. Nowadays, kids have started to use mobile phones seeing their parents. Remember, you teach the kids how to operate and play with your knowledge. In the end, you regret their cell phone addiction. The radiation from the cell phone is dangerous for health. It is best to switch off the mobile phone and keep the phone far away when you are sleeping.

Some people have the habit of keeping the mobile phone near their beds while sleeping. It is dangerous for your brain and heart. The radiation from the mobile has chances to damage your brain cells. Ensure to keep your mobile phone away while sleeping. It is necessary not to use your phone at least thirty minutes before you go to bed. It will help you to get a relaxed sleep. If you are finding an unknown person sending messages or calling you and disturbing, you can trace the number and complain to local police, child line or cyber mentors. Do not save your PIN number or credit card number in your cell phone.

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